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Community Service Second Chances is visually impaired and deaf and lacks the full use of her front legs. Now has her own set of wheels, thanks to a donated harness and buggy that allow her a bit more mobility. And then there is JD, a senior dog who was shutting down physically and emotionally in the shelter when Sandi decided he needed to live out his life at the farm. “I give preference to special-needs animals, but that poor boy would not even look up when you walked by his cage.” She has also taken in odd pairings, including a bonded sheep and a boxer — Tango and Cash — found together but never claimed by their owners. Sandi limits the number of animals on the farm as she knows her limits and wants to provide optimum care IRUHYHU\RQHEXWVKHÀQGVLWGLIÀFXOWWR A gentle hand seems to work wonders on all the blind animals, even on this steer. Below, Sandi plays with a motley crew in the big yard. pass up hard-luck cases. She recently took in Patrick from a San Antonio the world. Several visits to the vet and a blood shelter. Suffering from mange, heartworm, transfusion have made a big difference. Life worms and countless other problems found in on the farm has been good for Patrick, who strays, the sad-faced dog didn’t look long for continues to recuperate. With daily reports on the Facebook page, Sandi and the farm have gained more fans and supporters. “I always root for the underdog,” says Sandi. Apparently we all do, too. 360 THE DETAILS Second Chance Farm As of now, the farm is not open to the public; Sandi and the dogs do make occasional personal appearances. Select animals are available for adoption. Follow the Facebook page, Second Chance Farm, or go to secondchancefarmgranbury.org for updates and on how you can make a donation. MEMBERSHIP DRIVE LUNCHEON a feast and fashion event Sponsored by: www.moritzdealerships.com Please join us for a complimentary luncheon. Friday, September 18 • 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. RIDGLEA COUNTRY CLUB 3700 Bernie Anderson Ave., Fort Worth 76116 Learn how YOU can help LOCAL children in need by joining Aledo Children’s AdvoCats. &ŽƌŵŽƌĞŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶĂŶĚƚŽZ^sWďLJ^ĞƉƚĞŵďĞƌϭϭ͕ visit our website www.aledoadvocats.com

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